Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another great year at the lake

We are getting excited to meet this guy!

Another great year at the lake! It was a bit on the cold side, but we did manage to get brave enough to get in!  We hit the outlet mall pretty hard, almost everything was 50% so that was great!  A few other highlights, that I will share (I'll keep a few for the group to myself).

  • We went to a fun ISU tailgate party
  • Molly and I sat in the hot tub every night, did I mention it was nice to not be pregnant this year
  • It was pretty cold, the guys wakeboarded, not the girls!
  • We did an 80's happy hour, must do that again next year!
  • Ate way too much (or maybe not enough) of Lola's monkey bread!
  • Our boat broke, so these people were so kind to let us hang out at their doc for a bit, while the guys got the other boat to bring us back.  Autumn, Jess and I took the jet ski back, which was fun since it's been a couple years since I have been on one.  
  • Keith bought a special string / floaty for his sunglasses so he wouldn't lose them in the lake, unfortunately it was in no way helpful when you leave them at a restaurant.  
Big thanks for Keith's parents for staying with the kiddos!  I think Olivia and Grandpa Karl had lots of fun and Grandma Susie was brave enough to take the boys to a few stores, a movie and I think a couple hours at the McD playhouse.  

How fun was this!  Especially when the water is freezing.

We did a mini surprise toast/celebration for Molly since she is completing her chief residency this summer.  And of course in typical Molly fashion - it's not a big deal guys, it's no different than what you guys did, it just took a little longer.  Sure molly, almost the same!  
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