Monday, December 24, 2012

Two days before Christmas'

I imagine you think I am about to share a story of Christmas traditions. That I am not.  Just going to share - what is probably too darn close to a typical Sunday!

I think I woke up around 7:30 to Olivia scratching my face with her razor blade nails (baby nails are not fun!).  Then Dylan quickly joined us and Carter followed shortly.  Olivia had seemed like she might have an ear infection for the past day or two. (yes, she just finished round 3 of antibiotics)  She was also barking the nasty croup cough.  So we decided we should try to get her into the central clinic since it was the only one open.  We also wanted to go to church as well.  Clinic called and plan formed.  We would take two cars to church.  Keith, Dylan and Olivia to go downtown after church.  Carter and me to go find Keith a Christmas gift after church.
8:00ish:  we convinced the boys to get dressed (even got them in jeans) and said they could each open one gift early.  We have plenty, so why not get a bit of joy a day or two early.
8:30ish:  boys are putting cinnamon rolls in pan and then start coloring with their new colors.  I take bath- maybe Keith is feeding Olivia, who knows, that was like 15 hours ago.
9:00ish - turns out church is at 10 instead of 10:30 - not a huge deal if we can get this crew moving along we can still make it to church.
9:15:  Cinnamon rolls are done, of course boys have to frost their own in the mix of their new colors / pictures / and pencil shavings (DID NOT REALIZE new coloring kit had sharpener- FAIL!)
Somehow by 9:45 - we have managed to get church entertainment packed, Olivia packed up, everyone dressed and coats on, about 5 debates about types of mints and where they are at - and we are finally leaving!  Made it to church on time.

11:15ish - we leave church, boys really want to get more mints at Caseys - we all stop quick.  I go in with boys.  We go to the bathroom, get mints.  Dylan, Keith and Olivia head to DSM for Olivia's 12:00.
11:30ish:  Carter decided he really wanted to get Dad something at a sports store???  So we went to Sportsmans in Ankeny.  My first time - a pleasure, I might add.  I should state that Keith DOES NOT hunt.  So this place has a different animal hung on the wall at about every 4 feet.  This was entertaining for Carter, however about every 5 minutes he would loudly say, those reindeer are dead.  They are in heaven…on and on and on.  After cruising the store, he finds dad a gift that he thinks he will really like.  (stay tuned!) And we are off. OH and when I walked in I was pretty sure Carter was really close to picking Keith out a deer picture or a John Wayne.
12:00ish I decide Carter and I could stop at the Treasure House in Ankeny- I just heard about it and had to get a couple last minute gifts.  Carter thought he could find a "pretty" for grandma.   So he was quite entertaining walking circles around that store.  Can't believe we made it out of there without breaking anything. Grandma is thrilled with her new Santa house hall light that he insisted on giving her today.  Oh and he almost accidentally stole a little snow globe.  We were walking out the door and I hear a, oops, I better put this back.  YES!

12:40ish, get Carter in the truck, look down and see 7 missed calls - and a CALL ME text.  Keith was still waiting where he assumed they were probably doing themselves more harm sitting in the waiting room alone. The church entertainment bag had been in my car and no food for Dylan - other than mints.  So he decided maybe it wouldn't be all that much longer so I should just go home.

12:50ish:  Almost to Polk City and Keith calls thinking it will be at least another hour before Olivia gets in. So Carter and I continue through PC and head downtown.

1:15ish:  We pick up Dylan - more discussion over mints and at this point these two are starving.  Dylan suggests McDonalds drive thru.  OK.

1:20ish:  Carter has to pee REALLY BAD.  Options:  stop at a gas station and battle two boys wanting to buy a zillion things or pull over.  Pulled over on side road- Dylan decided he would go as well. Both boys impressed by yellow snow!

1:30ish - finally get to McDonalds - woo hoo.  WHAT, the freakin drive thru is closed b/c a truck is stuck from the snow!  OK - guess I have to get these two out AGAIN!  Have you ever put a kid in and out of a car seat in winter gear.  NOT fun!  Go in, horrible service - and we didn't get our apples?  Whatever.  Some people seemed rude to me that I brought my kids into McDonalds.  How dare I do such a thing at McDonalds?  And I wouldn't have if the dumb drive true was open!

2:ish - maybe?  By this point I was focusing on getting home! Got home - boys did a crazy wrap job on Keith's present. I started a pot of chili, mom came and had a bowl, then at some point Keith and Olivia arrived.  Ear infection and croup. They didn't do the steroid today - but as I type this at 12:08, Keith is outside with her, so I guess we will be back tomorrow!

That gets you through most of the day, I will cut it off at that. 
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