Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Since I didn't do the best of jobs distributing Christmas cards this year, thought I would add it on here.  

Christmas music has been playing non-stop at our house for well over a month now, so that must mean Christmas is near!  I must start off by sharing that you are about to read a letter from a much wiser Jessica, now that I am in my VERY early thirties.  Here is a recap of 2012 for the Bormann Family:

I started a new job in the Marketing Department at ACH Food Companies – otherwise known as Tone’s Spices here in Iowa.  It’s great to be back in the food world again!  Good or bad, I am now used to smelling like spices.  Sometimes the boys tell me I smell spicy. And Keith might need to build another pantry if I bring home anymore spices!

In March we went on our first family vacation with my family to Disney World, otherwise known as “Mickey’s Castle”.  The boys had an amazing time from their first time on an airplane, to our “new house” (the hotel), to all the bus rides from park-to-park, to all the fun rides, fireworks and attractions.  Sadly, after capturing 1000+ images, our camera was either lost or stolen on DAY 5 of our vacation.  Regardless, we still had a great time.

Like most women who are 37 weeks pregnant, I insisted on installing 500+ pavers to complete our patio.  It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if temps weren’t in the high, sizzling 90s.  (these DIYers are starting to get more familiar with, “how much for installation, OK”)

Olivia Lily Bormann arrived on June 26th.  The “Lily” comes from my grandparents, my grandpa always called my grandma Lily.  Olivia has been absolutely amazing!!!  Everyone should get a baby as sweet as her.  She is very easy going and completely goes with the flow.  She loves to snuggle, loves to hold your hand, she lights up when you talk to her and she is always full of smiles!  She has a dinner timer – when she’s hungry, you will hear about it and she spits up often, so if you are holding her, WATCH OUT!

Carter and Dylan turned 4 in October, celebrating with an ocean party theme (thank you Pinterest!).    They keep pretty darn busy being BOYS!  We basically lived outside March – October.  We ate dinners on the sidewalk and consumed countless popsicles.  The boys had the hose running non-stop from washing their bikes, to watering flowers, to filling the slip and slide, to just leaving the darn thing on!  They love to ride their bikes, drive their jeep around, hunt for frogs & bugs (the rule is – NO bugs in the house), swim, play with the neighbors, climb things, wrestle non-stop, watch movies, build things and tell me ridiculous things all day long!  Thanks to Carter and Dylan, happy to report, we are very familiar with about every bathroom in the tri-county area.  Whenever you are in a hurry, count on an extra stop or TWO!

Life with three kids certainly has been exciting and testing at the same time.  Sleep and quiet time is limited and we have quickly adjusted to zone defense.   We have definitely experienced new parenting challenges on a level I did not know was possible.  So we learn as we go, play hard and hang on tight when knees are scraped and times are tough.
Weekend get-aways together and vacations are limited for us these days!   However, Keith managed rack up the frequent flyer miles as he traveled to France, Hawaii and various other states for work.  I went to Memphis and Michigan.  Almost the same.

We made 3 trips to the ER this year.  One run into the house (literally), one swallowed rock and one staple!  Mom of two crazy boys, I’ll take it!  Could be worse. 

We hope all of you have had a few shining moments in 2012 and wishing you a wonderful new year.  As for us, we will be in survival mode!  Always happy to have visitors, so don’t be shy!  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter