Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Decorating (the interior version)

I am having so much fun with the boys this holiday season.  They "got" it last year, but this year they totally get it and have so much fun it.  The boys helped bring decorations upstairs and patiently waited for me to get the lights on so they could add the ornaments.


This is their tree we put in their room last year and YES, they remembered it and brought it right up!  

Carter brought this one up and felt pretty special plugging it in.

The tree comes with lights on it, but Dylan saw me putting lights on our tree downstairs and insisted on bringing some up for his tree.  I unrolled them and left the room and was pleasantly surprised when I came up and he had them distributed pretty darn well!  Notice that chain up there - I'm excited to start using this again in a few days.  We made it last year and I guess we missed a day or two and before we knew it we were ringing in 2012.  And I guess it became a permanent fixture, UNTIL NOW!

The boys found this in our box, and I found them both "reading" it.  This was a gift from my friend Angie when they were born.  We have really enjoyed it this year, it is a series of stories, so each night Keith and the boys read a different one.  We are already through the stories and are onto round two.

Carter was really excited about this one.  He was so funny with the ornaments, almost every one, "mom, this is BEAUTIFUL!"  Then the ones with out hooks he figured out a way to hang them on the tree, he kept saying he had to hang them the special way.

Olivia helped too!!!!  On a side note - it's not easy hanging lights with an extra 17 pounds.  I think she liked it though.

Dylan found a fun game with his candy canes.

We will need to add presents soon.  So far the boys have bought gifts for Cade and Alec.  On Sunday we saw Cade and Carter said, I got you legos for Christmas - it's a secret.

Then I overheard Keith asking Dylan what he wanted to get me.  Being in the bathroom, he said "pretties for her bathroom".  Keith asked where they should buy them, "Target, that's where she got these ones." That kid should be a spokesperson for that store, probably would top the most frequent shopper in the Target 4 year old category.  

The boys bought these nutcracker guys at Target, I told them they could each have two.  We have 5.  Anyway, totally worth it, they played with them for like 5 hours and were so excited to put them on their tree.  Notice the nativity scene.  Great Grandma Caroline gives us new pieces each Christmas, I went back upstairs and Dylan had them lined up.  

I love how a kid puts things in a cluster on a tree.  This pack of candy canes has circled our tree about 8 times.  Actually as I glance at our tree now, I'm not seeing too many candy canes.  Part of the fun!

Of course we have an Elf too, which I have been utilizing to the fullest!  I'll write more on Wally later.    Hope you guys are enjoy Christmas decorating as much as we are.  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter