Tuesday, December 11, 2012

this might sum up last week

Actually, I think they told me it was a mustache.

Last week was a bit hectic.  As usual, the minute Keith leaves town, things go downhill fast.  Last time, I had had a touch of the flu and had to leave the boys in charge….sorta!

Keith went to Chicago on Wednesday.  At 3:30 on Wednesday, I got the daycare call.  She said Dylan had a temp, 100.9 and she called the baby room and Olivia had been coughing pretty bad all day.  Then she said, so that's two out of three!  With a temp of 101, you are out for 24 hours, so I said- be right there!  She was right, Dylan was miserable, Olivia not great and Carter was just OK.  Called my clinic, they were booked, I could get into the downtown clinic at 7:45 (pack sick kids up at night and go downtown? - thought about it, not a great option).  So I did something I told myself was probably a bad idea, but they were all packed up and in the car - so I went to….URGENT CARE!!!  I said, just check all three of them! Carter didn't seem too bad, but my luck D would need medicine and Carter would have the same and I would have to back through the line.  Luckily we were seen fairly quick since we beat the rush.   However, this really turned out to be a complete waste of money.  Carter was fine, which I had assumed.  Not much we could do for Olivia's cough, she said Olivia's ears were a bit red, but maybe because they were still recovering from her last ear infection- gave us a script for her, but said to hold off unless we thought we needed it.  Sunday night we started to feel like she had an ear infection, but we weren't 100% so Keith took her in again yesterday and yep, another one.  She might have tubes in her near future.
As for Dylan, the main reason I dragged three kids into urgent care - well, she did a strep test.  Negative.  Wasn't really sure, his lungs sounded fine.  He had an awful cough, but wasn't coughing much while there.  I said he might have croup as it's been going around.  She thought about it, maybe.  Maybe you can check in with your doctor tomorrow if he isn't feeling better.  SUPER HELPFUL!

That evening was a bit rough between D & O, both were up about every other hour so I think I had 3 or 4 hours of sleep TOTAL!  So the next day I got the kids to school early and then had Dylan to our clinic walk-in hours by 8 - along with 5 other kids (I think EVERYONE IS SICK RIGHT NOW!).  This was a much better experience.  Right away, they said - definitely croup.  Then he thought he maybe had influenza, but the test did come back negative.  They gave him an oral steroid, which he followed with a glass of water, which he followed with throwing up all over the floor.  I had nothing - no bucket, no trash can, nothing!  And really, that has never happened.  So we switched rooms and had to redo the medicine.  The meds helped quite a bit with his cough and he was doing MUCH BETTER!

Luckily grandma Susie was in town for the week - which was super helpful to have extra hands around with all of them being sick.  Then Dylan stayed home all day on Thursday with her.  He was so funny being sick, I think he confused cold sick with flu sick (outside of the medicine incident, it was more of a cold / cough / fever).  When we got home from Urgent Care, he got himself a bunch of saltine crackers and kept a big bowl close by:)

I know we aren't alone here, seems like I have been hearing of so many sick people the last few weeks!  Hope everyone kicks it before the holidays!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter