Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Olivia, 5 months!

Look who is 5 months (like 3 weeks ago)!  Can you believe my baby is this big already!  She is super long an cruising right through all of her clothes.  I bought this cute 9 month dress at Target that has become a snug shirt!  The boys were always right on with size, but she is on her own pace.  

So what's happening....

  • We are pretty much through trying most our solids  Right now she loves to eat, she likes the fruits more, but will eat both.  
  • She loves to smile at you and listen to you sing or talk
  • She really enjoys watching Dylan and Carter
  • Her little legs are so strong, if she could balance I think she would skip crawling and walk.  I was holding her yesterday and she forced herself up.  
  • She is pretty close to being able to sit by herself, she will do it for a few seconds, then she's down!
  • Not crawling yet, but pops her head right up when on her tummy.  A couple times she has backed herself into a wall.  
  • She can roll both ways but doesn't do it that often
  • She LOVES books!  She just lights up and grabs the pages
  • Mom and Dad really need to focus on getting her into bed at a consistent time and by bed I mean her pack and play in our room. 

I'm too tired to write any more!

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