Sunday, October 16, 2011

I still feel like 1990 was 10 years ago

I saw this quote on Pinterest and made me realize I still feel the same way!  So this got me thinking about things I would have never anticipated life as we live it today.

in 1990 - four things I never thought I WOULD have
Twin Boys
I would have NEVER thought I would have lived out of Iowa
A cell phone, let alone a phone that takes pictures, videos and practially does anything
I would have never thought I would have a TV hanging on my wall

in 1990 - four things I never thought I WOULDN'T have
A VCR - at this time we don't even have a DVD player hooked up.  Remember how Disney convinced everyone to collect their videos - guess that back fired for everyone who collected all those!
A land line
Encyclopedias - I laugh as I type this one! Remember the old school reports and when you had library time you would have to race for the letter of your book you needed to collect about a page worth of info on your subject! 
A film camera!  I used to LOVE picking up my pictures and seeing how they turned out.  It's probably good that we do things digitally now.  It's tough to take pics of kids!
Play along, any fun ones???

The boys helping me make birthday hats.  They REALLY like cutting right now.

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Kaylan said...

Those are awesome! How did you think of those? Encyclopedias?! HAHA!

I never thought I would live in Indiana of all places!


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