Sunday, October 9, 2011

a pumpkin patch weekend

Alec was such a good boy the entire time we were at the pumpkin patch!

We have been busy hitting up Iowa's pumpkin patches!  Last Saturday, Mom and I took the boys and Alec to Carolls in Grinell.  This one was really fun!  It was like playing on a huge, super fun farm!  Overall, we had a really fun time, probably would have been even more fun if Keith was with - because I had a hard time managing both at times - Like when one shut me into the out house.   I think Carter's favorite part was swinging on the rope and Dylan had fun playing in the corn. 

Sunday we went to Center Grove orchard, which is pretty close to us.  I was a bit surprised at the size and how commercialized it was.  We did have a fun time, but spent a lot of time waiting in lines!  The corn pool was really fun here too and they have a really fun slide we went down a couple of times.  I had a phenomenal Carmel apple too! 

Mom was taking a pic of Jennifer and her boys - then Dylan hopped right in the pic.

Carter ended up picking out a pretty large pumpkin!  Should be fun carving them in a couple weeks!

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