Monday, March 14, 2011

Too lazy today...

To upload some new photos onto the computer, so I found a few oldies.  I believe the boys were 9-10ish months in these, the days they still had their little curls. We still had our bottles, they were on the go and I forgot how we had the ottoman trapping them in the family room for about three months.  I don't miss having the highchairs in the kitchen and I definitely don't miss them attempting to jump off the fireplace.  It was all we could do to keep them off that thing from the day they started crawling, or I should say what was really the day they started climbing! 
Two months home with the boys and we had top-notch health.  Three weeks into daycare and we already got a couple bad bugs.  The boys both had colds this week, which turned into fevers.  Carter got called home on Thursday for a temp of 102ish, so Keith ended up taking him to Urgent care because Cade had bronchitis, so we figured we should have him checked out as well.  Two hours later, just a virus and he seemed great so we stopped at Home Depot where he went downhill quick.  For some reason Dylan wanted to ride home with Keith and Carter wanted to go with me.  I got the wrong boy!  Just as I am at a stoplight leaving Ankeny, Carter started to throw up.  Which was awful because I was totally stuck at the slowest light going the wrong way.  Finally got turned around to a gas station, somewhat cleaned him up and the poor kid had to sit in the car with puke on him for another 30 minutes until we got home.  So they both stayed home on Friday and are doing much better now.  Except this weekend Carter got his fourth bloody nose at night, not sure if it is the dry air or what.  And he really doesn't like blood on his blue blanky...and the washer broke this weekend as well, so we finally got it washed at Jennifer's house tonight. 

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Mom of twins! said...

Oh, don't you hate how they get so sick from not being home. I am sorry they are not feeling well. I hope they feel better soon!! We ended up taking the boys out of Preschool in jan, unfortunately I had no choice because they were so sick continously for 3 months. Sucked!! Thanks for putting on those adorable photos of when they were young!!


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