Friday, March 18, 2011

A Safety Reminder


I’m sure many of you as parents have had many of those “close call” moments with your kids and you are thankful somebody somewhere is looking out for you! Last night we experienced one of those moments! When we were in Minnesota, we had all the boys furniture bolted to the wall, since we moved we had not taken all of those extra safety steps. Actually, we did not bring the boy’s furniture to Iowa and have been using a short, three-drawer dresser in the boys’ room, which seemed really sturdy, so I was not too concerned, until NOW!

Last night we were on a skype call with Keith’s parents and Carter went back to his room and was getting a shirt out of the top dresser drawer, he was standing in his chair reaching into the top drawer from the side and must have put too much weight on the top drawer and the entire dresser fell over. Neither of us were in there, but were panicked when we heard him screaming. The drawer must have caught his hand a little bit and he has a bruise, but we are so lucky the dresser didn’t fall on him and that he pulled his arm away fast enough. SO SCARY!!! We will be attaching this to the wall tonight. So if you don’t already, attach your furniture to the wall to help protect your little ones!

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krmccord said...

That's scary!! Glad he's okay!


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