Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My biggest battles

My two biggest battles right now are the refrigerator and the pantry!  My boys have turned into these little grazers, constantly in the pantry.  They don't know what they want, they just want to look around and ultimately end up with something they shouldn't have, then five minutes later after two bites they are on to the next thing.  About a month ago we had a big battle with marshmallows (a word we don't bring up), mom was in the kitchen with them and had answered the phone, looked over to see Dylan had climbed 5 shelves to the top of the pantry and was handing Carter the bag of marshmallows.  You should have seen how proud he was, grinning ear to ear. 
I'm trying to put a stop to their constant snack buffets, but they have even figured out the the child proof locks on the pantry so the battle continues. 

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Debbie said...

I remember when my twins would do that too. It sure made life interesting! I'm not sure what child proof locks you have, but I had the ones that went under the cupboards on the inside of the door. My girls were able to figure out the ones that went through the door handles. It was all trial and error. I wish you luck, it gets much easier when they get older.


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