Thursday, February 3, 2011

27 months and I have a couple big boys!

Well, I must say we have TOTAL BOYS!!!  It sure seems like they have been growing up so much, so fast.  Here is a little of what we have been up to....

  • I really, really, shouldn't write this, but we haven't been to the doctor since December 1...ALL TIME RECORD!  We had weeks we went 3 times and I would say we were there at least three times a month. 
  • Dylan can definitely be my most difficult one, but just the sweetest little boy at other times.  He constantly pushes me, when he wants something, he wants it and DOES NOT give up resulting in 20+ minute tantrums at times.  A few of these a day does a mom in.  But then he can be so caring, so kind and so sweet.  He is a great big brother.  Every time he gets his milk or anything, he gets one for Carter too.  Even if it is a little treat or something special, he asks for one for Carter too.  He is always bringing us random things he thinks we need.  It's funny, you will be looking for something and here comes Dylan with it.  He'll even bring Carter his blue blanky.
  • They are good little helpers at lunch / dinner time.  I try and let them poor in all the ingredients and help out
  • They wrestle ALL THE TIME!!!  They pick each other up and will throw each other down roll around, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry, sometimes I just let them fight it out.
  • I think they eat too many bananas, because I have a couple of monkeys who really like to jump on the bed and are obsessed with jumping off the bed.  Which we don't allow, but sometimes you aren't paying attention and all a sudden you see one fly off. 
  • These two have NO FEAR!!  They try to climb up everything, no fear of heights! 
  • They are starting to string together a lot of words and say the funniest things and sometimes they seem to sit and have conversations.
  • I'm trying to find a source of energy deep within to potty train them!
  • Carter is so funny how he is obsessed with Thomas right now.  He will basically only wear Thomas PJ's.  We have four pairs we rotate between and Dylan gets the rest.  He can get really picky about certain things and Dylan is pretty good about letting him have what he wants.  He still loves to play trains. 
  • I always love snuggle time when we get it!
  • Dylan can be very particular about things, like he has to help coffee.  Both mom and I made coffee once without him and the poor kid was heartbroken.  Seriously, so sad.  Oh and now he is all about getting bread out and trying to make toast.  He won't eat bread, but sure will eat a lot of toast!
  • I have to try to sneak out to let Stella out because if Dylan hears the words, he wants to go out too.  One day he was at the door with his coat on trying to get his shoes on. I felt bad and ended up letting him go with. 
  • They LOVE playing in the snow, making snowballs and snow angels. 
  • Carter gets really excited about things.  I was gone all day today and when I got home he was so excited, he was jumping up and down and started to take my coat off. 
  • They are starting to get little imaginations, so funny!  Dylan was making food in his kitchen and he was telling me the corn was hot! 
  • Carter always wants to walk, as soon as we get out of the car he says "walk"!
  • Carter loves playing with Cade, when Cade comes, when he gets to go to his house, so excited!
  • They are both pretty big momma's boys and always want to be right by me at our house, but when we leave the house....DIFFERENT STORY, see you later mom! 

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