Monday, February 28, 2011

A bit of rambling

I have been such a horrible blogger since moving back to Iowa.  I promise I will get back on track sooner or later.  So here is a bit of what has been happening.
  • Stella is driving me nuts tonight, constantly crying at me, she knows I am a sucker for giving her treats.  She barely looks like a dog right now since she hasn't had her hair cut since November.  I have now given her 3 mini haircuts, but must take the poor girl in soon. 
  • One of the reasons I haven't been blogging is because I have been searching for house plans.  We are still planning on building in Polk City, next steps is to nail down a plan with the builder.  We are getting close.  If you have any, I wish my house had or I really wish my house didn' would like to share, I'm listening.
  • Keith is traveling for work this week, he finally landed after being held up in Atlanta for storms all day.  I believe he posted hourly updates on FB.  He will be back on Wednesday
  • I have a fun girls weekend ahead of me starting Thursday.  About twenty of us are headed to Breckenridge for a bachelorette party.  I'm sure I won't be able to walk after the first day of skiing.  I'm looking forward to a fun girls weekend.
  • Getting adjusted to being back at work.  I guess I am going to save a lot of money working downtown, there aren't a lot of quick places that are easy to get to, I would take recommendations from any of you downtown folks!  So I think it will be a lot of PB&J for this girl.
  • Today I went to lunch at Palmer's deli, which was AWESOME!  My first time and I will be returning.
  • We had a big milk mess tonight!  My fault, I left the jug of milk on the counter and went back and put PJ's on Carter.  Dylan decided to get himself a cup and poor himself a glass of milk.  Not sure at what point things went wrong.  He did have half a glass of milk and half a jug's worth on the floor.
  • The boys are talking a ton, stringing lots of words together.  They are starting to use "I", "me", "you" now, I am hearing a lot of "I need".
  • The boys are OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse Playhouse, we watch it more often than I want to admit
  • Carter is still really into wearing underwear over his diaper every day and he also has a pair of PJ shorts that he thinks are underwear, so right now he has the shorts and pants on and the pants and shirt do not match
  • We have been building some pretty sweet train tracks these days
  • Dylan is obsessed with trying to take Stella out, the kid will go get his shoes, attept to put them on, get his coat and hat on and Stella's leash.  One day Carter was trying to go too, no pants on, so Dylan went back to their room and brought him out an outfit to put on.  So we all had to go out! 
  • We took the boys swimming last weekend, they had a blast!
  • Carter thinks he needs a band aide about every day - it must cure all!
I really will try to write more tomorrow, but to be honest, don't be surprised if I don't!  But I will get back to blogging soon, I really do enjoy it, I just need to make myself sit down and do it. 
Off to bed friends!


Kellie said...

OMG. Palmer's deli is like my all time favorite. I always try to go there whenever we come back to DSM. If you haven't had one of their brownies yet, get one next time. I swear they are made w/ the most delicious crack ever.

Amber said...

Just "found" your blog thru another blog! I just had twin boys 7 weeks ago (plus we have a 3 year old boy). I do have a twin question for you. Do you have a double stroller? If so, what kind and do you like it?
Your fellows are adorable!

Jenny from the Cradle Club said...

Wow! The boys have gotten so big these past couple of months! Looking at your blog makes me miss them sooo much!

Im glad to see you all are adjusting to life in Iowa well.

Take care!

krmccord said...

I love Palmer's too! Another good place that's just past AIB on Fleur Dr. is Francies. It has a really good queso burger. That might be a little farther than you want to go, but it's not too far. I love beer cheese soup from Noodle Zoo too.


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter