Friday, December 31, 2010

We are finally on the market!

WOW!  What a long, challenging process it has been getting our house on the market.  We were initially pushing to be on the market late November, but working through relocation takes a little longer.  Then we decided to hold off until after Christmas since house hunting is the last thing people have time for during the holidays.  I spent Monday morning with the stager and the realtor and by Monday night we were on the market.  I will write more about all of that later. 

I'm so glad we waited until the boys were in Iowa to list.  The way it is set up, a realtor can just leave me a message and then go into your has in a matter of minutes, so every morning this week, I had to leave as if we could have a showing.  I've made my bed more times this week than I have in the last six months....I'm not a bed maker!

We will have our first open house on Sunday and our neighbors will start their selection process.  If prospects look shady, they may park all their cars in their yard and run around in their undies. 

If you know anyone looking for a house in the area, please pass on our listing.  We've given our house a lot of TLC over the years!!!

Here is the link.


Kellie said...

We are going to be so picky w/ our potential new neighbors but we'll still never get as lucky as we were w/ you guys! :(

The Woods Family said...

The house looks amazing and will show great - you have such good taste and all of that hard work and projects will pay off! Hoping the Spring traffic starts early for both of our sakes. Keeping our fingers crossed for a quick sale for you guys :)


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter