Thursday, December 9, 2010

A few things lately...

A few things the boys have been up to....
I think they are missing their daddy!
Dylan is going through this phase where he wants to go potty on the little potty, then the big potty, then sometimes again on the little potty and some how manages to have enough potty for all three! 
Dylan is also doing this thing where he says "baby" and wants to be changed on the actual changing table.  I don't mind this, because that is much easier than chasing a diaperless boy around the house and pinning him down to get the diaper on. 
I've been calling Carter the tank lately, he has been such a big eater.
We had this big box of fruit snacks in the basement and every time we go down they want a pack, I'll give them one and say "all gone", "no more."  So now when we go down, they say "all gone" - I guess they think that's what they are called now.
Both are saying a lot, but Carter really starting to say a lot.  One morning I said, "OK if Carter's happy, Mamma's happy," so he kept repeating "Carter happy, mom happy." 
Carter LOVES books! The kid can't get enough and just sits and listens so well and really gets into it, I hope he continues to love story time.
I would prefer to have a couple of basketball players, but may have a couple of wrestlers.  You should see these two go!  I've seen some pretty serious take-downs, reversals, escapes, you name it!  Usually never ends well though. 
We've been singing jingle bells a lot lately in the car, mostly because I don't know the words to that many songs, but they love the "hey" part! 

OK, that's it for tonight.  Tomorrow night is the annual JT Mega holiday party, it was an epic night last year, but since it is my last one,  I'm thinking we will need to take things up a notch or two!

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