Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Turning Point

Just in the last two weeks the boys have changed significantly. They just love playing on the floor and getting into absolutely everything and anything they can find. I’m learning about all the small things I have sitting around the house that I now need to relocate. The two have just been a ton of fun smiling all the time, laughing lots and working hard at perfecting their “crawl”.

Carter is still pretty content sitting, but will pull himself towards his toys. Dylan, on the other hand, will not sit still! I’m now realizing the reason you need to change newborn diapers so often is to perfect your changing capabilities so later on you can change a diaper on a baby while on the move. Some mornings it takes about five attempts to get Dylan’s diaper on as he rolls over and takes off the minute you take his dirty diaper off.

Carter and Sam
Dylan and Carter
Dylan getting ready to eat his shoes
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