Sunday, May 10, 2009

I like his better....

Watch out Carter! If any of you have been to my house and been around my dog Stella, then you know that this is her bear:)

Lately, the boys have really started to notice Stella. They think she is so funny and they are always laughing at her when she is around them. Unfortunately, not only is she funny, but they want to grab her and put her in their mouths. So I am a little scared one might grab a handful of her hair.
Yesterday the boys were busy playing and I went back to their room to get a blanket, I heard somewhat of a scream and when I got back...I saw Carter was sucking on Dylan's pacifier. So I gave it back to Dylan, he put it in his mouth and then the next thing I knew, Carter was yanking it back out of Dylan's mouth. I guess it must seem a lot better if it's not yours.
Carter and Dylan (I think)
Great Grandpa Bormann and Dylan
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Kellie said...

Uh oh... they obviously don't know where that bear has been... :) Haha!


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