Sunday, May 3, 2009

Six Months

On April 22nd, the boys were officially six months old!!!  I can tell already things are going to get busy quickly!  It is amazing how much they are growing and all the new things they are learning to do.  
I have identified Carter as my "sitter" and Dylan as my "mover".  However, both are working really hard at trying to crawl.  Some of their favorite things to do right now are play in their exersaucer, jumperoo and walkers.  Their favorite toy is probably their feet and it is just the best when they actually manage to get the big toe into their mouths.  They are still putting absolutely everything and anything into their mouths.  Both of them are SOOOO strong, it is unbelievable.  I think I experience their strength the most when they clench their fingers around my hair and PULL!!! 
Eating solids is going better.  We had a slight set back last week since they were...yes...sick...AGAIN.  I have been feeding them peaches this weekend and they are loving them up.  They also love to drink out of their sippy cup.  They aren't great with it, but I am impressed at how well they do.  They have been plowing through the bottles too, today I gave them an 8 oz bottle.  They only go to 8 1/2 ounces!! 
They really haven't been the best of sleepers the past couple months. Which has been a little rough on me and Keith. First we had to battle the swaddles.  I loved the swaddle blankets and am a huge fan of them, but it wasn't so easy to break the boys from them.  It was a rough couple weeks, but we finally beat them!   Now their latest thing is to wake up ready for the day at 4am.  This is NOT a good thing.  

Dylan and Carter
Don't my little boys look like young men in these outfits!
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