Saturday, May 23, 2009


I’m so excited to announce that Keith is officially a graduate from St. Thomas University. He started working on his MBA fall of 2006. After many, many long nights and some hard work here and there he is 97.86% complete. He still has to take a summer class, which will be one night a week. We already have it planned out. It is 10 nights, he is allowed two absences, so that brings it down to 8 nights and he is hoping that the professor will cancel at least one session.

This last semester was probably the roughest one for all of us! The boys were sick for a good 8 weeks this winter and it was somewhat a struggle some of those nights when Keith was at school. Fortunately, my mom and Keith’s mom both came up for a handful of class nights to help me out!

Unfortunately, Keith's graduation was the same weekend as Nick's, so we didn't have a large group to watch Keith graduate. The Sander's clan was so kind to come over and watch the boys for us.
In case any of you were wondering, Keith said he will no longer be voluntarily, pursuing formal education.
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krmccord said...

Congratulations, Keith!!

Kellie said...

Yay Keith! We'll party it up here shortly! Congrats! Wade's ALMOST done... Finally.

JLe said...

Congrats man! I hope you wrote something cool on your hat!


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