Monday, December 29, 2008

Visiting Grandpa Kalma

I was so happy the boys were able to meet Grandpa Kalma. We spent a lot of time with grandpa this week. On Wednesday we moved him from the hospital to a nursing home in Newton. He wasn't healthy enough to come to our house for Christmas, so all of us were going to go visit him on Christmas day and bring him pie and presents but he ended up going back to the hospital temporarily on Christmas. He had developed thrush in his throat making it very difficult to eat and talk. He seems to go up and down each day, hopefully the arrangements at the nursing home will be temporary until he gets better. I think he really enjoyed meeting and holding the boys. I wish we lived closer so he could see them more often.

Between the hospital visits and Christmas festivities, our week home was extra busy. Mom had been so busy with grandpa at the hospital that she didn't have time to wrap all her Christmas presents so I managed to wrap about 40 - 50 presents at lighting speed!! I was wrapped out by the last present.

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