Friday, December 12, 2008


Pack and Play Changing station

Lately I have really been noticing how funny these boys are and all the funny things they do alike. They also seem to be developing some communication between each other. We will have them next to each other and you will hear a "bah" from one and then a minute later you will hear another "bah." (And yes, they do sound like goats) They sound exactly alike and we can't distinguish which one is jabbering or crying when we are in another room.

Yesterday the two woke up from a nap and were both kinda crying and I started laughing because I walked by them once and Carter was crying while Dylan seemed to be listening, then I walked by again and Dylan was crying while Carter was listening. Too funny, I had to take a picture.

We also had a fun little changing experience yesterday- let's just say more fun for Carter than Dylan. When I am home alone with them I change one in the pack and play changer and put the other in the pack and play. Well, I should be more prepared because this happens daily, suddenly Carter started to pee while I had his diaper off. But instead of peeing on himself or the wall or me, he had things angled just right and was able to get enough air to pee right onto his brother!! Poor Dylan!
Keith and I are having our first night out without the boys!! We will be heading to the annual JT Mega Christmas party. My sister and her husband came up to watch the boys for us. They also brought their son up, so we will see if they are interested in having more children after tonight:))

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Kellie said...

OMG, he peed on his brother!!! Kara and I had our own secret language. Seriously. My mom could tell you more about it b/c I obviously don't remember but we understood each other and no one else did! Weird.


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