Sunday, December 7, 2008

Baby it's cold outside...

I came home to this scene, I think Keith drugged the boys.


Another weekend down and we're off to start another busy week. The temps are quickly dropping and plenty of snow has been falling. We didn't do a lot this weekend other than a little bit of Christmas shopping and another family trip to Sam's Club and Babies R Us. Saturday night we went out into the cold and went to our neighbor's house to play a little Wii. The boys thought Wii was pretty cool, but decided they would wait and play until another time. Stella was really excited to get out of our house and play with all of Kobe's toys and see her favorite person - Kellie!!

Other news at the Bormann residence:
We finally landed on a formula last week, so that drama is finally over. Unfortunately for the boys, I think rotating between five formulas and breast milk backed them up a little bit. So we added a little corn syrup to their bottles for a couple days- I felt like a bar tender, or maybe I should say "bottle tender". I was mixing 2 oz breast milk, 3 oz formula and a drop of corn syrup- that was fun at 4 am. Then after a couple pretty scary and pretty "green" diapers.... thing are back on track. Then Keith and I about .... our pants after we started adding up how many containers of formula we were going to go through. After attempting to add things up and coming up with a completely incorrect number, we had to get out the calculator since we can no longer do simple math in our heads due to the sleep deprivation. Then after carefully crunching the numbers, we determined we will go through about 3 containers of formula a week at about $25 a container. After adding that up, we decide we will be trying the generic version tomorrow.

Other exciting news:
We also hit up a "bargain" and made our biggest diaper purchase to date, 450 diapers! We are estimating them to last about 25 days. (Wow, this has been a pretty crazy weekend)

I also found this week singing to the boys really helps to put them to sleep. So we have been spending a lot of time listening to the Sounds of the Seasons station on TV and have been singing Christmas carols to put the boys to sleep. (Later on in life they may wonder why they always get extremely drowsy while listening to holiday music) Anyhow, I polled the audience and everyone agreed that I am a fabulous singer!!!

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Kellie said...

Holy crap! 450 diapers will only last you 25 days!?!?! Dear God!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter