Thursday, December 4, 2008

Six Weeks old...

On Wednesday the boys were six weeks old. The two continue to grow at a rapid pace and are becoming more and more alert each day. We're not sure how big the boys are now, but just out of curiosity, I weighed them on our scale. It said they were both 10 pounds - which probably isn't real accurate but gives us an idea. It is getting hard for me to hold both at once. I can get them into my arms and all three of us into the chair, but once they fall asleep it is pretty hard to lay them down without waking them.

The boys seem to be doing pretty well with their schedule. We had our longest stretch of sleep this week, which was six hours (including the feeding)!! Hopefully they keep this up! It seems they are still egging each other on- one will be sleeping peacefully and hear the other and start to cry too. This can make naps a little rough for me at times. I rarely put them in their cribs for naps during the day now. I have found having them nap around the house is working much better and sometimes I can even sneak a nap in with them. Lately we have been calling Carter the "Drama King", he seems to make a much bigger deal out of things. Dylan continues to be our little ham, he seems to like having his picture taken. It will be fun to see how their personalities continue to develop.

I took the boys out all by myself on a little shopping trip yesterday for the first time! Overall, I would say it went pretty well. Dylan slept about the entire time and Carter tried to stay awake. Although, I can see why he had trouble sleeping. I had them in our double deep stroller, otherwise known as the "station wagon", which is not easy to maneuver throughout stores. I probably bumped into every other corner. A few things I learned while out on my own: I have a new appreciation for automatic handicap doors, I will now always be sure to open doors for all moms pushing strollers and will let moms with young children cut in front of me in lines.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter