Monday, December 15, 2008

berries & bubbly

Friday night was a big night for the Bormanns, Keith and I left the boys for a night out for the FIRST time. No worries, the boys were left in good hands. My sister Jennifer, her husband and my nephew all came up for baby duty. Three against two.

For our first night out, we attended my work's annual holiday party. This year's theme was berries and bubbly. The evening was filled with dueling pianos (my favorite- they rocked), a mashed potato bar, a crepes bar, a magician and good company. We even managed to do a little dancing Beyonce style and by we, I should say I.

This evening marked a big day for me too, my FIRST drink since sometime last February. I played it safe and stuck with beer all night. I was quite happy with that choice when the boys woke up around 3:30 and again around 6ish. I will have to say though, I was in need of a little extra sleep on Saturday.


Kellie said...

How was Keith feeling the next day? He seemed to be in quite the cheery mood when you guys stopped by after the party! :)

krmccord said...

Jess, you look awesome!!! I bet you were ready for some drinky-drinks. Did you have to pump and dump?


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