Thursday, February 26, 2015

In the eyes of my phone

So girls do this!  It's awesome!!!  lately she has been sitting with a pile of books "reading". 


Olivia has about 17 thing for breakfast.  Well, everything her brothers have

Carter finally made it to the top!  They can both do it but Dylan stops in the middle and never tries to go up.  He says it's scary, but then he will go to the top of that rock wall and I think that's worse. 

Bormann pile up

The works of Olivia

The kid loves boxes!!!

I was lucky to see this one before I found it on the floor!

This made my day.  it says I love mom.  love Carter.

Carter made this one day at school a while back, made me smile!

Again with the boxes!

Packing for grandma's house.  Just the necessities.

Little date night!!!  

Look who is finally working on the loom bracelets.  NOT ME!

Building a shelf for their oversized collection of legos.

just waiting by her phone for somebody special to call.

Cinderella, Cinderella!

Sometimes with twins you get these mirror like shots.

Olivia had like a 3 week Frozen watching binge session in our room.  I found all this under my bed.

One day of kindergarten papers - seriously, some days I am buried under all these papers.

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