Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Christmas Morning

I feel so lucky to get to be a mom with three kids this age at Christmas time.  It was so much fun watching them open their presents!  Olivia wanted to use everything immediately and to be honest, I think she would have been perfectly happy with a pack of chap stick.  Of course it was an "Elsa" year for her.  She also goes by Elsa sometimes these days.

Legos and sleds were the big santa gift at our house.  

Liv's gift for Keith, and yes it does sing!

Carter got Keith these fancy ISU sunglasses.  The best part- when we are in his truck, Olivia will tell Keith to put on his Cyclone sunglasses.

Carter also wanted to give him this football, which I took as a hopeful sign that he may becoming interested in playing football.  However, one night we were watching basketball and he told me football was a very dangerous sport.   I said this is a basketball game, he said, oh yeah, basketball is a very dangerous sport.   I'm afraid these two are going to be the x games kind of athletes opposed to traditional sports.

Looks like she must have forgotten to put a necklace on?  Every other accessory - CHECK!

Carter started building right away.  This kid can sit and build legos for hours.  

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