Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions

This year we did a few things different, but also continued with a few traditions.

Every Christmas Eve I let the kids open their gifts from each other.  One because we are home all day so they might as well enjoy a couple new things early and because it is so much fun to see them share gifts for each other.  Every year I take them to pick out gifts and I love seeing how they come up with things.  This was Olivia’s first year participating.  She got the boys fruit snacks.  I’m guessing that was a strategic gift on her part.  Dylan got her a Scooby doo set, which was perfect for her and he got Carter this HUGE tin of popcorn.  He had seen it in November while shopping and was so excited about it.  He kept telling him it was something that he could eat.  Carter got Dylan a box of dice and this fossil rock that you break, which they both enjoyed.  So this is by far one of my favorite holiday traditions. 

We also whipped up a batch of reindeer food to sprinkle around the yard. 

In the past we have gone to church in Baxter, followed by the Allspach annual holiday party.  This year we gave our church a try, which was very nice and my mom joined us too!  It was nice to get home a little bit earlier and then we did our next traditional gift – Christmas Eve PJs.  I almost didn’t do this for the boys this year and last minute went and bought some on Christmas Eve.  Sure glad I did, last night Dylan gave me a huge hug and said, Thank You, I love my lightening PJs.  Totally random, but glad he likes them!  Even more glad he likes them since they are huge, I think they will be around for a few more holidays.

I love having our stockings and Christmas decorations out.

Then Carter and Dylan thought it would be great to make these wrapping paper shoesJ BOYS!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter