Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This girl...

She was wearing this for about 4 days - she's finally given it a bit of a break.  The girls in her room are really into their accessories.  

Some big news to share about this girl!!  WE ARE FINALLY DONE WITH THE PACIFIER!!!  I'm still missing it, but overall it's gone really well!  I told her on a Saturday to enjoy it as much as she wants and we should throw it away the next day. Sure enough - she threw it away the next day.  She's asked for it some, but not too much.  Last night she told me she was a big girl because she doesn't have a pappy anymore.  
Since she doesn't have her pacifier I think her vocal has tripled, she's been talking up a storm.  Random stuff too!  She said, "mom, you're not my sister.  I'm Carter's sister".  Then a few minutes later, "I like you, I really like you."  Recently when I have taken her shopping, she will ask the workers, "what's your name?"  Then she will also tell us, "I love you to the moon and back, really bad."  Then at night I usually sing to her - with our Lion song she will say- "you're not that good at that" or "you don't remember all the words".  True, Keith is much better:)

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