Sunday, July 6, 2014

We had a busy 4th of July weekend!

We have been go. go. go.  ALL WEEKEND!  my kids had a blast the entire time!  
Thursday we kicked off the weekend with a  neighborhood block party.  So much fun!  Plus our old neighbors came back for it and it was great to see them!  

Bike Parade was a huge hit.

This is Cambri, Carter loves her!  They have gone to the same daycare since we moved her.  He would never say he had a crush, but he is so funny when he talks about her.  

Liv stole Niles trike.  

Chalk decorating contest.  

Did I mention they ate about a dozen different types of bars, cookies....junk!


Liv stole another bike.  Too big!

That one is mine.

Him too...

They had to be so tired, they pulled kids around all night on the wagons.

on the 4th we visited some of our friends that moved.  So fun to see them.  Then we went to Baxter to my friends pond.  Lots of fun!  

Olivia was loving baby Piper.  Oh, and Olivia looks like she is 5!

Ill have to post some pics from my phone.  Saturday we went on a real, 5 mile bike ride in Madrid and later that night had a fire with some neighbors.  Another late night!

Today I am happy to report that Carter slept until 10:11!  WOW! Bormann PB.  And we woke him up, he could have gone longer.  Second attempt taking the boat out was a success!  

We had to dodge all the huge logs in the lake and go slow, but the kids still had fun and it wasn't to busy since we went in the morning.  We are total boat rookies, so lots to learn.

And our day was complete that fast, we went swimming too!!!  Of course the kids had a blast, they love water.  Sad to say July 4 was our first time in the neighbor's pool.  The weather ha been odd!  Finally feels like summer.

Then Olivia made her way to Baby Harper's pool.  And totally loved it! 

We finish the night off with getting groceries at Target and dinner in Ankeny for my nephew's 7th birthday!  Now I must go to bed.  I am exhausted.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter