Monday, July 21, 2014

4 Seasons Festival Weekend

Just like the weekend prior, this weekend was jammed pack full of fun!!!  I feel like I have been on the go for about 7 days.  Friday night started out fairly easy going and then we went to Big Creek and went boating for about an hour.  

All these pics are out of order...SORRY!  Saturday morning started bright and early, we were at the square for the pancake breakfast at 7:45 - just on-time because the grill broke right after ours. Then we were off for the kids race, parade and we were at the square  - which but the way when Carter talks about this weekend he tells everyone how we are the town square or maybe he says city square- and we got back home around 2:30.  Olivia napped, the boys played for a bit, I bought groceries, we showered and were off to the next event.  Our neighbors had a hog roast, which turned out great and was super fun!  The kids came too until our babysitter came and then we went back to the party until heading up to the street dance.  This was our first time going to the street dance.  

Don't worry.... Dylan woke up around 5:30 Sunday morning.  Then pulled out his front tooth about a half hour later, then woke up Olivia about 5 minutes later.  So then I was off to the couch to supervise with one eye half open.

Then Sunday was busy too.  The boys friend Cael turned 5, so they had a super fun little pirate party for his birthday.  After we got back home from that my mom and I went to the home show in Norwalk and when I got back to town Keith had the kids at the neighbors enjoying some left-overs from the hog roast.  

So really, we were on the go the entire weekend.

She insisted on pulling this herself.

Isn't she just the cutest!  Her and Olivia are a year apart - Olivia is like double her size.

My monkeys!!

This is the strongest piñata I've ever seen, I think each kid probably had 10 swings!

She was all about the candy.  Not a big surprise!

I think this is officially the swimming pool of Polk City, I think 1 in 5 homes has one.  We should probably line all of them up some day.

Saturday night at the Hog Roast

The Parade
This was the kids race.  The boys are old enough to do the bigger kid race, which I thought was just a block, so I didn't prep them for 1/2 mile run.  Well, I was super proud of these two.  They started out front, but must not have taken off or a bunch of kids got ahead really fast- then I went to the finish line while they ran around thinking it would be a while before I saw them.  Well they ran their little hearts out and finished with the top mix of kids.  I think the distance was definitely to their advantage since they never really stop moving.  They loved it, they were all smiles but they did seem a bit winded at the end.  Sure wish I had their energy.

And this is a perfect postcard for our summer.

They loved these ducks.  If this picture had sound you would hear, "hi duck, hi, hi, hi, hi duck".  

Carter is probably going to be some crazy animal whisperer guy someday.  He has such a natural touch with creatures (yes, creatures, I'm a lucky mom:)).  Seriously, he can pick up anything without it jumping or running away.  

Pedal Tractor Pull.  There were like 16 5 year olds so we didn't come out as well as we did at Baxter Fun Days.

More pics from the hog roast.  Of course Olivia had a blast in the pool.  SHE LOVES WATER.

Bad ideas in action!

Such a fun / busy weekend!!!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter