Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baxter Fun Days 2014

Baxter Fun Days was a couple weeks back.  We went to Baxter Friday night and saw the fireworks.  This has been a new addition to the festivities and was a really good show!  Best part is we walked to a field near my parent's house- no crowds or anything.  Just had to fight the bugs.

Saturday we went to the parade and then got back uptown to do the pedal tractor pull.  I entered Olivia.  Initially she was all about going and trying to pedal the tractor.  But then when her turn came she was not having it!  And that's OK since she can barely pedal.  Maybe next year.  

I'm a lucky lady!

And this is our really exciting news... Dylan's first golden trophy.  They have been on a golden trophy kick after seeing one of our neighbors trophies and are talking about it all the time.  At the same time this is one of those moments I knew would come at some point and had been really nervous about with twins.  So the good news, Carter was so darn excited for Dylan.  Right after Dylan's pull, Carter said, "DYLAN MIGHT GET THE GOLDEN TROPHY".  And seriously, he was super excited for him and thought it was a good addition to their room.


They did this too.  No surprise here!

Sunday we had Cade's 7th birthday.  Yep, I typed that right, 7 already!  Olivia LOVES playing in Alec's crib.  These two crack me up!

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter