Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Trick or Treat

We got really lucky on beggars night (yes, that is what they call it in Iowa).  It was actually fairly warm out.  I was going to have Olivia wear an old costume, but she did not want anything to do with it and grabbed her bumble bee wings.  She was all about this costume by the third round.  We got plenty of use out of our costumes this year.  We wore them 5 times!  Plus Carter was a pumpkin last year, so we doubled up on that one!

I love these pics of Olivia - she loves her brothers and you can really see it here.

This year the boys wanted to go with our neighbors so we just kept up!  

Olivia was a trooper, she spent a lot of time in the wagon and went to a few houses.  She would say Thank you at every house.  She was pretty content holding this snickers for a while, so I finally had to give in and give her a sucker.  It was her first and she was a fan!

The boys were excited to get back and give out more candy.  Our bucket was empty, so I redistributed Olivia's bag and some...

Carter went and sat on our neighbor Noelle's lap for like an hour.  They love her! 
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