Sunday, November 17, 2013

5 things I love about Olivia right now


1)       This girl is a hoot – and I really love when she says what an owl says… this quiet little hoooo, hoooo and she smiles and bops her head side to side

2)      I’m not sure if I love this, but it makes me laugh that she calls Keith mom ALL THE TIME!  I have no idea why, she used to call him dad???  

3)      She is really into putting stuff down her shirt now – like her pacifier, last night was a cow

4)      I love how she copies EVERYTHING we do.  When I brush my teeth she gets her tooth brush out, when I do makeup, does hers, if any of us lay on the floor on our stomach, she does the same.  She loves her brothers so much and gets so excited to play with them and do anything they are doing.

5)      Love how she is such a sponge, she is learning so many words and to do so many things for herself.  Just love this girl so much!!!!

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