Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday boys!!!


Very late posting these!  At least a month within the party.  After our friend party and soccer game we had a family party with a few friends too.  Certainly a full house to help us celebrate.  Keith still had dry ice left so he was able to do more experiments for the kids.  And adults too:)

I'm bummed my camera was taking blurry pics when I was doing the boys bday pics.

Ninja Turtle stuff was certainly the topic with gifts.  They were so lucky to get all sorts of great gifts!  Aunt Sarah picked them out wallets, so we got to go to Target and they each paid with their own birthday money, so that was fun for me and them!   Big thank you to everyone who came and helped celebrate!  And even bigger thanks for the kind gifts.  

Our space cake.  And lesson learned - black frosting is a bad idea!!!  You know who ate the cake though.  

I can't believe my little guys are 5 already, I'm not ready for them to grow up, go to school and be big kids. I tell them that and they tell me not to worry, they will always be my baby.  They also tell me they will build us a big house and we can all live together forever:)  I'm a lucky lady!!!
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