Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our return to the East coast

So excited to share some pics from a little trip we just went on.  We have not been to NYC since we lived in New Jersey in 05/06, so I was really excited to see the city again.  Most of all, I was excited to go on a vacation with my husband, it’s been three years since we went to Hawaii. )That is always one thing I tell people without kids – TRAVEL as much as you can, even if it’s a last-minute weekend get-away, it’s so much harder to get away when you have little ones.)  So along with Adam and Sarah, we went to Westport, Connecticut to visit Keith’s cousin Erin.  Erin and Jim have a little girl who is just 1-2 months older than Olivia, so it was fun to play with her too. 


Connecticut was a first for me and it is BEAUTIFUL, I would like to go back and explore more someday.  We were lucky that the trees still had leaves and they were really pretty still.  They had a really cute little shopping / main street as well – which I could probably do some serious damage on, so probably good we didn’t spend too much time there.  Jim and Erin were fabulous hosts and it was so fun to hangout with them and get to know them more.  Keith is so lucky to have tons of really fun cousins, but most of them live all around the country so it is a rare occasion to see any of them! 


Friday was a really cool experience (especially for me and Sarah)!  Jim and Erin are good friends with Anthony Edwards and he is shooting a movie in NYC with Heather Graham, so we got to hang out on the set and watch them do a scene.  He was so nice, showed us all around the set and told us about the movie and even hooked us up with headphones so we could hear the scene. VERY COOL EXPERIENCE!!!  Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at an Italian restaurant.  If you are ever on the East coast, you have to eat Italian food – it’s the best!!! We also walked around Time Square and Rockefeller Center.  They just put the tree up that day.  Our good friend Eric Lane was also able to meet up with us for a little bit before we got back on the train to CT. 


Saturday morning we walked along the beach, which is always fun! I haven’t been to a beach for a few years, so I always enjoy the water.  We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at the house and then ate Sushi before heading back to NYC.  Keith’s cousin Erika and her family (Erin’s sister) recently moved to Philadelphia, so they were so kind to make the trip up to the city for dinner. We ate at a delicious Mexican restaurant.  And it was great to see them, so nice of them to spend their Saturday commuting to see us!    


Another highlight – which I totally would have missed, but Sarah was on it – we were taking a picture in front of the restaurant when Sarah started yelling out Bethenny Frankel, she was going to chase her down, but Keith had to pull us back in.  And I would have been all for it, except she didn’t seem super excited to see us. 


After dinner is when our night started to get really exciting!  Keith, Sarah and I parted from the group and hopped in a cab for New Jersey to go to the JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CONCERT.  I can’t even tell you how excited I was to be going to this concert.  I have been wanting to go since he announced his tour. LOVE HIM!  So our cab ride was going well, or as well as it can and right as we are pulling into the IZOD center they directed us into a traffic jam for the drop-off parking.  This was fine at first, then our cab driver started to get a little weird and maybe mad would be a good word.  It looked pretty sketchy along the road so we thought we would stay – then after we saw no end in sight and a few others had started to walk by we decide to use (not our best judgment – but, I was not missing this concert judgment) and we hopped out of our car and hiked it the rest of the way.  Our seats were great and the show was really good. He played for about 3 hours – old stuff, new stuff and a couple other fun things.  The stage was really cool because a there was a catwalk that broke off and then that moved all the way across the floor.  This was my first time going to a concert out of Iowa and I will say I think the Iowa crowd is far louder and excited for the artist. 


Sunday came fast and we were on our way back home to see the kids!  A big thank you to Keith’s parents, my parents and Sarah’s mom and grandparents for watching all the kids – it really does take a village!  Olivia was super excited to see me and just held on so tight to me and wouldn’t let me out of sight (and this is my number reason I don’t travel much – I hate to be away from my babies for too long).  But it did feel so good to have a break from everything and I love NYC and all its energy! 


This is where we left our cab!

carriage ride in Central Park
The movie set
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