Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what's happening

I've been trying to get back with consistently posting, but it seems March has been go go go and now it is about gone.  Keith has been traveling quite a bit this month so that always adds to the chaos - at least it does for me.  Otherwise we have had something going on about every weekend.  I still need to do a post on Olivia's baptism.

Check out my mom's new puppy Mia.  She is a cute little fluff ball just under a couple pounds- just wait until stella meets her, I'm curious to see how she will react.  On a bad note, mom was hanging some curtains this week and lost her footing and when she went to step down the dog was there and to avoid landing on the dog she fell and broke her ankle.  So she is not having the best week or probably the best couple of months.  The good news is so far she does not have to have surgery.  Keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery.  The boys have been making all sorts of notes and pictures for her.  

Olivia was funny with the puppy.  I was a bit surprised by the boys.  I thought they would really go nuts and they weren't all that interested. 

Hanging with her daddy!

Dylan and Carter dig these games.  I purposely choose to not learn anything about them so I don't get asked non-stop how to do things on them.
Other Carter and Dylan happenings:
We have been reading some dinosaur books lately - not my favorite, I would much rather read about space and really - what is the deal with these ridiculous names.
Yesterday Carter came inside and told me it was too cold out their for humans - so now they talk about humans all the time.  Must be getting it from that dinosaur book.
One big thing is "save this for me mom".  The teachers at school tell me they do this all the time.
Another is, ok, when you get to our room, you have to knock to come in.  It's like the knocking is some magic password.
Carter likes to say - too bad, so sad!
Yesterday one of them told me the video is taking a really long time to load.  Then I thought, did my 4 year old just tell me that?  Kids these days.  We try to keep ipad time limited.  They are super into watching space videos.  Most are fine, but there is some weird crap out there.
They have been getting really good at building Lego's and can follow the instructions now - which I'm sure any other Lego building moms would totally appreciate this skill!  Plus that is way more fun for them.
We start baseball next week, I hope they like it!

She looks like jail bate in this number.  We keep bringing this daycare shirt back and she keeps showing up in it.  She can clap now- I got excited, then Keith was like, yeah she's been doing that.  Still fun to see her learn new things. 

Here is a downer.  Though I am at my peak 3 kid daycare cost (would just like to make a side-note that 3 kids in Iowa is cheaper than two kids in Minnesota) I have been starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel since the boys will be in school in just a little over a year (something I try not to think about too often).  Anyway, sifting through some old papers to see that before school / after school - $75 a week - that times two, means I may never escape daycare costs.  I'll have like 3 years off and then we will be hit with college.  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter