Friday, March 8, 2013

5 things you may or may not know about me.

See this bright green jacket - If I ever have to go to the plant, I wear that. Pair that with a hair net and eyewear and you have on hot look!

I feel like I rarely watch TV these days! If so I turn it to HGTV or E (totally opposite, huh! See the Kardashians do a home improvement project, mabye not far off?). I'm also a big Modern Family fan. If I stayed home I would probably watch the Today show daily. I also love Jimmy Fallen if I am up for it - I think this show is great! He is amazingly talented and I recomend all of you to catch an episode or two or 10 or whatever! #Iheartjimmyfallen

My graduating class consisted of 26 kids, most of which I went to kindergarten with. And to this day I am still really good friends with some of the girls I graduated with. Some people hate how you know everybody in a small town, but that's just what I loved about growing up in a small community. Of course with about 10 boys in your class, it made for slim pickings for boyfriends. So I seemed to have better luck in the boyfriend category in neighboring towns. (that's where I found my husband!)

You know how some peoples shoes are spotless, clothes are completely wrinkle free, hair done perfectly - that is not me! Somehow I just missed that type A gene and no matter how hard I try I just don't think it is possible to live a perfectly tidy little life. I do try from time to time but I'm afraid it's just not happening. I can absolutely leave a towel on the bathroom floor after a bath and not even think twice about it. I think that would bug some people, for some reason I just do it! I have no idea why, just do.

I started watching Days of our Lives summer of '92 and kept with that storyline until probably 2010. I will still catch an episode here and there. Seems to me they keep bringing back story lines I've already seen. If they bring Shawn and Belle back I might start DVRing again.

This pic of Olivia doesn't have much to do with this coast but so sweet of her. Love that girl!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, Keith. I so liked your blog!

Sneha said...
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