Wednesday, March 20, 2013


No, I'm not talking about purses ladies - that's the age.  Actually my birthday was Feb 16th, so I am quite behind on blogging.  Seems like things have been a bit more hectic than the norm.  And by norm, our norm.  

So Keith pulled a pretty good one on me.  I was a bit on to him because the boys said something about grandpa and grandma.  So of course I would pump them for info but stories weren't lining up, so I couldn't quite figure it out.  That Friday we went to lunch for my birthday at work, then while walking back in, Keith was sitting there in his truck.  

So here is how the plan worked out.  His parents were coming and we were going up to MN for the night, shopping all day and coming home that night.  And we had to go home and pack - FAST!  Which normally isn't a huge deal, but were in phase two of a 17 phase - still uncompleted process of installing a new closet organization system.  So all my clothes were basically in a massive pile in the office, the rest - possibly in any room of the house.  Then on the way home to pack, Keith calls me - Olivia has pink eye!  Big surprise there!  Luckily Susie didn't mind taking her into Ankeny to Urgent Care and that worked out really well.  And good thing they went because all three had it by the next day.  (I got it a few weeks later)  
Back to Minnesota. Keith had plans for Friday, but I didn't know what.  So we had about 15 minutes to change once we got to the hotel and then we went down and got into a cab and then when he opened the door - to my surprise was the Russell Ave crew!  SO FUN!!!!  We went to dinner  - another surprise, our friends Brad and Erika were there too!  Then we went back to Beth and Mitch's house.  
Photo bomb - thanks Mitch!

Saturday we ate at The Pancake house in Edina.  So good!  It takes about 2 hours, but delicious.   It was a really nice get-away

All and all - pretty good birthday.  Big thanks to Keith's parents for coming down to let us get out.  And thank you Keith for planning a fun birthday.  And no thank you to the big gray hair I found last week! 

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