Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Olivia's baptism

Olivia was baptized on st. Patrick's day.  My mom still had the dress my sister and i wore when we were baptized and it fit Olivia!  We weren't sure if it would fit since we were baptized as little babies, but 30 years on the elastic and it worked just fine.  I thought Pastor Mike did a very nice job and I enjoyed his special dedication for Olivia.  

EEK!  I look super tired in all these pics.  Keith was gone the week before and I had been up late tagging garage sale clothes about every night as well.  I didn't realize how puff my eyes were until looking at these pics.

none of these pictures were too great - but I guess this is the new normal of family pics when you have 3 little ones.  Usually lucky to get one good smile.  Carter had a hizzy that morning about wearing his pull-over, add that to his aged to perfection (in his mind) shoes and he was looking fantastic.

I got this cake from 3 chicks bakery.  I had not even heard of it and saw something on facebook and the  owner lives just a few blocks away.  And I though the cake was pretty darn awesome!  I wish I had some left.  I plan on using her for future events.  

Getting baptized is much work!

This looks like trouble!  Dylan was so sweet that morning.  Things got a bit busy for a few minutes that morning.  Keith was shaving and then ironing.  Olivia was not interested in not being held so I had carried up a table while carrying her, then a chair, then a chair and her for the next trip.  Then I was talking to Keith for a minute in our room and I came out to the living room and Dylan had brought up the last chair for me.  So sweet!  Then he brought up this table and these chairs for the kids!

Thanks to everyone who came to the baptism and shared this special day with us!  We really appreciate all your love for Olivia.   
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

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