Monday, March 25, 2013

8 months

Olivia will be 9 months tomorrow, so I thought I better hop to this one!

Look how big our little girl is getting!  And she does not have time to sit around for these silly pictures.  

And this happened, so we had to move to the floor.

What's happening….

  • Miss Olivia loves her food.  She yells when her tray is empty!  I'm trying to give her more and more finger foods now, she is getting less interested in being spoon fed.  Unless she has the spoon!  
  • I want to say she has had either a stuffy or runny nose each day of this eight month.  Maybe it will leave us tomorrow?  I was NOT happy the day I walked home to Olivia's good bulb syringe chewed up on the floor.  She did this to one of the boys and I had been good about putting it up, but she saw an opportunity.  Luckily Grandma Susie managed to secure me a new one!  I don't understand why they don't sell those in stores, they don't seem as though they are rocket science to make.  
  • Olivia is so funny if she does something her brothers are doing, she thinks she is cool playing with the big kids.  
  • She is loving her laugh and learn table and likes to dance, she shakes her butt - pretty darn funny.  She also likes music in general and I swear I am not making this up, but she really seems to get going with the 80's music!
  • Her hair has really taken off this month.  There was one little hair that was past her eyebrow.  Still wondering if she will get some curl?  The back is starting to look coarse like mine?  
  • Her two bottom teeth are really starting to pop up - and they are sharp too.  I would guess more to come up any day.  
  • Every now and then she will stand for a second or two on her own.  Not for long though.
  • She is NOT a great sleeper.  Keith has been making her cry it out / break my heart.  She is starting to go down pretty well, but wakes up through the night quite a bit.  She usually gets her morning bottle during the 5:00 hour, which actually works pretty well b/c she will usually fall back asleep in bed with me and would probably sleep in for a while if we didn't all have to get up to go.  Sometimes she is funny b/c I will wake up to her trying to put her pacifier in my mouth. 
  • I guess her pacifier is hot stuff at daycare, all the kids try to steal it:) 
  • She is so funny at church and clinics and things.  She will sit and eye people until she gets their attention.  One day this week we were at the chiropractor and this trick was not working on this guy so she would take her toy, shake it and throw it down.  Then look at him.  Repeat.  Trying to get attention - funny girl!
  • I'm starting to buy her 18 month clothes!  
  • She is really starting to jabber a lot.  Says dadda pretty well, says mom, but only seems to be when she is mad.  She really likes to watch your lips and you can tell she is trying to say it too.  
  • Loves her baths.
  • Have you ever tried to dress a wild alligator - I would imagine that is similar to changing her diaper and dressing her. Once she gets that diaper off she finds a new sense of freedom and BOLTS.
  • She is starting to explore and get into things.  Not near as bad as the boys.  When they were this age there was not a cupboard they hadn't explored and they were such climbers.  She's really not like that so far!  Which has been nice!  I remember there was a point with them when I felt like I couldn't leave the room.  Which is pretty much why I think we blocked them in the living room for a few months.  
  • One thing that is much harder with her is the little stuff - and it all goes right in her mouth!  With the boys that stuff just wasn't everywhere.  The toys haven't been as bad, but it will be a piece of a wrapper or a crumb on the floor.  
  • We sure do love this girl!  She absolutely melts our hearts everyday and we have been so blessed with such a wonderful little girl.  She is just growing up too darn fast!

These kisses are starting to turn into a long slow lick!
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