Monday, September 10, 2012


My friend wrote a post like this, so I thought it might be fun.

Today Olivia woke up around 3:00, guess she forgot she was sleeping through the night now:(

Today was Olivia's first day at daycare  Drop-off did not go near as well as I had hoped so I've been a little down all day.  I'm hopefull things will get better.

Today I'm thinking about winning the lottery.

Today Keith just shared the funniest thing with me - he changed numbers about a year ago. It appears some friends did not get the message and have continuted to text that number.  Today he shared a not so nice voicemail his friend received asking to not text that ****, *** phone anymore.  It was pretty funny.  Another one of his friends recently got a funny response from a text as well - ask me and I will share.  Maybe we should all do a text bomb to the number.  Do you kow what that is, I just recently learned about text bomb when a friend of mine was threatened with one.

Today my house is a tornado because I have tubs of 3 years worth of boys clothes scattered in about every room.

Today I was so excited to see Olivia I played with her before changing out of my work clothes.  And today, my black shirt is now covered in spit-up.  Probably an ounce right down the front of my shirt.

Today the boys hunted for frogs with the neighbors. Tonight I'm happy to report that there are no frogs in the house.

Today the weather was beautiful.

Today I worked on a spreadsheet for about 4 hours and was constantly reminded how frustrating v-lookups can be.  Today 1 point excel, tomorrow I will win that battle!

Today Olivia is sitting in my lap watching me blog:)

Today was a very frustrating night with our boys.  Both were out of control throwing fits, crying about everything and constantly complaining. FInally we sent both to bed and I imagine every person on our block heard them screaming and crying.  Not really what I wanted to deal with tonight.

Today is one of those days that you are just out of food!  I wasn't loving our dinner, so I had a fried egg, which expried today.  Right along with two slices of toast made from the last couple pieces of our about dried up bread.  I'm still hungry and now the options are really limited. I had hoped for a bowl of cereal and NO MILK!  Tomorrow I will be making a Target stop on my lunch break.

Today Keith is out doing a jog because we signed one of us up to do the Color Run and neither of us can probably run longer than 2 minutes at this point.

Today I should mention that we have another year of bragging rights after another ISU / Iowa battle.  On that note, we have been thinking about getting ISU license plates - any fun ideas???

Here's to put this case of the Monday's to bed!
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