Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A busy weekend

I think everyone would agree that all weekends should be 3 days!!!

It seems like we were busy most of the weekends…

Friday night we went to the North Polk football game with our neighbors.  The boys had a blast - they didn't watch a minute of football.  They spent the entire night either chowing down food from the concession stand or climbing a tree!

We really wanted to go to the ISU game, but we weren't sure about Olivia so we had a nice afternoon at home.  Olivia slept in her stroller for a while and the boys played with the neighbors so we worked in the garage a bit.  Then we went to the for a while - it was CRAZY busy for some reason.  We were at Sheels for a while, that was madness.  Olivia needed to eat.  So we got a bottle, Keith took all three kids to the play area while I paid and then he planned to feed Olivia.  Just as I was walking out, Keith was gathering everyone up as he was trying to feed her - they decided to clean the place!  Good thing I was walking out right when he was moving everyone.
After the mall, we went to my sister's house.  The boys had a blast playing with Cade and we ate pizza.

We played outside - the boys did slip and slide and sprinklers.  Dylan and I made a Target trip for groceries.  Later that night we went to Ryan and Nicole's for a fun BBQ with lots of ISU friends.  It was a party for pregnant ladies, three of the girls were pregnant!  FUN:)

Mom and Jennifer were taking the boys to the zoo.  It was pretty hot, so Keith stayed home with Olivia and I took the boys.  As you can see by the pictures, they had a great time!  They loved the train and feeding the animals.  They were really good, but I was a little tired by the time we got home - pushing 70 pounds on an include tires this girl out!

Hope all of you enjoyed your extra time home.  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter