Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look who is 2 months!

If you can't tell, our sweet little Miss Olivia has gotten quite a bit bigger this past month!  She is so funny and so darn sweet.  

She's starting to make all kinds of expressions. She can really stick out her bottom lip at you when she is at the even combination of sad and MAD!

And I don't have a picture of it on here, but I think she might have the worlds cutest yawn.  

Instead of circling her date, I should circle the day I actually take the picture.  So easy to fall behind on these monthly pictures.  Not sure how people keep up with the weekly ones.  

Unfortunately I missed Olivia's 2 month appointment.  I just start back at work and the timing of the appointment wasn't great, I will try and plan the next better.  So Keith did the first round of shots.  He said she cried:(  Here are her stats, I thought for sure she would have been higher for weight.
Height:  23 1/4 82% (she has grown 5" - hello WMBA)
Weight:  12 lbs 3 oz, 70%

What's happening at 2 months...

  • Starting to get some longer nights of sleep, I hate to write this as I'm sure it will ruin the rest of the week, but last night she slept from about 11ish - 5:30!  WOO HOO!!!  
  • She really focuses on you and smiles so much and even laughs a little and tries to talk back a bit
  • She loves when I sing to her - it's nice to know some people out there appreciate solid vocal talent!  
  • We have been jumping into some of our 3-6 month clothes, Grandma is still loving shopping for a little girl - shortly you will be seeing a preview of Baby Gap's fall line:)  
  • Her hair is starting to fill in a bit, when she was born she barely had any eyelashes and now they have grown quite a bit and her eyebrows are starting to get darker too. 
  • We still have her sleeping downstairs and she still doesn't like when we put her down at night - good luck daycare:)  
  • She still likes to cry in her car seat
  • I just switched her to a different pacifier - she took it no problem!  
  • I just love snuggling with this little girl, she is such a special little lady - not sure how I got so lucky with this one
  • We are still in 1 diapers - but need to move to 2s ASAP
  • She is starting to be a little scooter - when we put her down on the floor she will move a good 6-8"
  • She really likes playing with her baby Einstein, poor girl - haven't even barely tried any other toys  for her
  • She has a pretty strong grip- watch out, she likes hair!  

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