Monday, September 10, 2012

Cardiologist update

If you recall a while back I mentioned Olivia had a heart murmur and our pediatrician wanted the cardiologist to listen.  So we finally had our appointment a couple weeks ago. I thought it was just going to be a quick listen and we would be off, but it was a bit more intense than that.  First they stripped her down for a x-ray and a EKG.  Then we met with the doctor and he listened to her for a while.  He then had us do an ultrasound.  Our only experience with that has been looking at the baby in my tummy – never to look inside our baby.  She took several images, for probably 30 minutes.  So at that point we were starting to get a bit nervous.  After all the tests, we met again and he said her blood vessels going from her heart to her lungs are a little bit smaller than they should be at this time; however, the great news is they will keep developing within the next year and the murmur will go away on its own.  He was not concerned at all and we don’t even need to do a follow-up appointment.
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