Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Carter and Dylan have been saying

Mags to help dad stay in shape.

I should keep a notebook because the boys are always saying all these random things- here are a few random lines
Mom - is that a cheap toy?  Keith made the mistake of telling the boys McDonalds toys are cheap toys - now they call those toys cheap toys and have been asking me if other toys are cheap toys.  OOPS!

We go through this full song and dance at night time, which tends to be them coming out of their room with a new line about five times - of course you get made, but at times have a hard time keeping a straight face - one night as Dylan is heading back to his room, he stops and turns to me and say you have a good rest of your day.

One night Dylan kept tell me - my cough isn't feeling good (he wasn't coughing at all)

All the time Dylan has been telling us, I need to go to the doctor

Carter has been saying  I just want to watch a little bit of Mickey

They have both been talking about gum a lot - not sure if somebody gave it to them - today they told me they had gum for lunch

Carter says random stuff - he was going down the stairs and was like - when you jump, you can say boing - "boing"
-They have been saying see you later - a lot!  Especially at night time

They both just starting singing random thoughts of what they are thinking - part song, part thoughts

They have been singing happy birthday non-stop

Then we have had a bit of an issue with Dylan - he talks about poop NON-STOP!  OF course this is not encouraged and working on him talking about nice things - but seriously, all the time.  Today he was singing happy birthday poop 

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The Fribergs said...

HAHAHA! Sam always talks about poop, farts and butts! It's ridiculous! "Happy Birthday Poop!" Made me laugh so hard! Love it!


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