Friday, November 25, 2011

A flash from the past

[Molly, Ashley, me, Kelly, Whitney, Rommi, -Tip Top Lounge 2003 - I'm guessing 6:15 AM]

Two weeks ago I had a rare opportunity!!! Three great friends from college were all in Iowa at one time.  I found out they were coming last minute, but was so excited to have lunch with them and catch up.  I was able to see my friends Whitney, Rommi and Alexis (not pictured).  The girls were all in town for a Chi-O wedding.  This is a rare opportunity because all these girls are living the life of adventure, so it was fun to hear their stories.  Whitney lives in Montana, I used to see her about once a year when she would visit her family in Minnesota.  Rommi lives in Australia now - so I was shocked to learn she would be in Iowa. After college she lived in NYC, so when we lived in New Jersey, we would go visit her and all her fun girlfriends.  Alexis lives in D.C, but I randomly run into her from time-to-time.  Her and her sister Amanda would meet up with us in NYC sometimes and then I will see her random places, like when I went to Boston a few months ago, she was on my connecting flight to Des Moines.  

What a fun group- I have some many fun college stories from ALL these girls in the picture.  Whitney is getting married in September, so we are planning on making our first trip to Montana for the festivities. 

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