Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Sorry - no pics - for some reason they didn't load right.  Tonight we had conferences with the boys' teachers.  Overall it went pretty well - I can't help but get a little bit nervous when you have those kinds of things, but I like having them since they are really with the boys more than us.  

They seem to be doing pretty well with learning what they should be and following instructions and they are happy with their vocabulary and all that fun stuff.  We talked a lot about how they play - which is always fun for me to hear how they interact when they aren't around us.  So they mostly just play together or they are always wanting the teachers to play with them.  But they don't really play with the other kids much.  I wasn't super surprised by this because at home they have ALWAYS wanted us to be playing with them.  You would think since there are two of them they would quietly sit and play together while you clean up dinner or do other things - but they rarely play without us at home - so maybe something we need to work on.   It's funny that they don't play with these other kids that much because they talk about them all the time at home.

They have these "centers" in their room - blocks / the kitchen / crafts - and a few others.  Only so many kids can be in one at a time so I guess they get really upset if one is in a center and the other can't get in.  I guess Dylan takes it a bit harder than Carter.  They said blocks was always their favorite - but now they are really starting to like the crafts.  They talked about how busy Dylan gets with cutting with the scissors - (this kid is just really into scissors) -  Carter is all about coloring.  They always hold their pen with their fist - so we need to start working on holding it right.  Every time I try with Carter he looks at me like - that's nice mom, but I'm just going to do it this way.  

We have to keep on working on keeping them calm when they get mad or upset- Carter can really blow up fast when he gets mad - so trying to have him calm down instead of reacting.  

I guess a librarian comes and does a story hour once a week and they really like that and they have also been listening to audiobooks and the boys have been loving them - so we might have to buy a couple for home.  

Overall - they seem to be having fun with the boys.  They said they keep them entertained most the day with their random comments.

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Whitney Moore said...

Oh sad miss those times... They were the same way before with wanting only to play with eachother. :-)


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter