Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And we are THREE!!!

Hard to believe these two bundles of every are three already!!!  We are hoping for a good year!

So- bad mom here!  We had their 3 year appointment and they gave us their stats and we no longer know where that little sheet of paper is.  I can tell you they weighed about the same, I think 33 lbs something and both within a half inch.  The funny part - their height was like 33% - yikes, I guess a little Bucklin is shining through.  The appointment went well except we have a zillion follow ups with specialists - hopefully all good.  We have extra money in our health care spending, so we thought we would take care of them all soon.  Dylan's tubes are still in perfectly and I guess sometimes they need to remove them, so we will be seeing an ENT later this month.  He also has some larger lymph nodes on his neck we have been watching, so if he has to get his tubes out, they can do further testing.  We've done lots of blood work and all has come back good and the doctor isn't worried. 
For Carter, the doctor wanted to investigate his voice issues further, so we will be seeing an allergist and GI specialist.  We think it is reflux and it's been better since we have been taking medicine for it, but she wants to make sure it's not something else.  So lots of appointments!  

As for what Carter and Dylan have been doing, liking, and saying - I'll do my best to recap.  I always forget by the time I get to blogging:
Carter LOVES riding his bike!  Dylan would rather not, but does ride his scooter quite a bit.
Carter is really into coloring, he loves to color the entire page and does really well staying close to the lines.
Dylan is still our little cleaner - I am in no way joking, if the trash under the sink is full, he will take it out, pull out the bag, close it up, get another bag and put it back in the trashcan, then take the bag of trash to the garage and put in the big trash with some help!
The two have really been quite wild with each other lately in their own little worlds - lots of laughing - then things always get ugly at some point
They like to build things - especially houses with their blocks
They love helping dad out and get their little shovels out too
Dylan likes picking out their clothes - one day he insisted on red sweatpants - then wanted blue striped shirts, I tried to explain they didn't match.  I somehow got through, but he took that as he needed a red shirt as well.  So we went, red, red and green socks that day!  
MR. INDEPENDENTS!  WOW, don't even try to do something for these two or you will have to watch them re-do it
They like to help me cook and I enjoy it too.  
Potty training is going well - Carter is great and Dylan is finally getting the full concept- not too many accidents anymore, but we still do pull-ups for naps and night-time.  They love to pee outside!  If they try it this winter, they may have a new opinion. 
They LOVE candy and get CRAZY at times when they have it.
One day we were driving to Baxter and  Stella was being really whiny - Carter yells out - is Stella looking for kitty cats mom?
I'm hearing a lot of Don't say that - mom, he says ..... - me, you don't have to listen to him! 
My toe nails are painted a dark color right now, so last night I heard, mommies toes match Stella's (NICE)
They LOVE going to my dad's work and their favorite thing is to drive the Gator, which they call Papa's little car
Carter absolutely loves playing with Cade, we were at my parents this weekend and he kept saying I want Cade to be here
Carter always says, I want to sleep on your shoulder
There is a big huge blow-up display of a pile of pumpkins we drive by every day and they just love driving  by, so now all we here about is the pile of pumpkins
One day we were at Home Depot and Carter was saying - look at that little man - it was a scarecrow 
After building our house, and having workers do all kinds of things, now they are always saying - does the workers have to do that , did the workers get the sidewalk wet, yeah the workers got to fix it
Tonight they were talking about my cell phone- does it need charged, you need a screwdriver to change the battery
On a couple occasions they have told me that Charlotte is Dylan's girlfriend and Madison is Carter's girlfriend - then I asked their teacher at school and she says they never play with them!  
One day Susie was asking Carter if I was a good mommy - and then he got a big grin and said - yeah, she's my girlfriend.  Not sure where all that's coming from - then I once heard Keith was Dylan's boyfriend.
I hear a lot of I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy - babies do this, babies wear diapers - I'm not a baby....

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Kellie said...

Those pictures are GREAT! They are so cute. Miss you guys!


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