Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A new style for the Bormann Boys

That sure looks like a lot of candles! My 27th birthday wasn't too eventful this year. The day started off bad when I arrived at the daycare with the boys, only to find out that they were closed for President's Day! So that was a fun panic! Fortunately, Keith was able to come home from work. However, his day didn't go well since they both cried about all day because they have been so sick.

Last Friday we took the boys to the cranial specialist and they will both be getting helmets in a couple of weeks:(( They will have to wear them 23 hours a day for 2-3 months. They also have tortacallus, which basically means there neck muscles are really stiff and neither can turn their heads all the ways left. So they have all kinds of physical therapy exercises. So we will have lots of goofy pictures for the next few months.
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Kelly said...

I read a blog about a women who had quads and all 4 babies had to wear cranial bands. I thought you might be interested- Look back at January 2008. Hope all is well!


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