Monday, February 23, 2009

Another night at the hospital

We were excited to see Nicole today.

Uncle Jeff and Dylan

Dylan has an IV in his hand, so he has to have this splint around it so he doesn't pull it out. He usually manages to still find his thumb.

Lola has been Dylan's #1 visitor, she has come to see him every day.

Keith and I have been sleeping on this little bench / bed every night.

Dylan is doing much better today. He had oxygen for a few hours last night, but has been off since 4 this morning. They also removed his IV today. He has been in much better spirits today and is even smiling, laughing and playing. We are optimistic that he will be released tomorrow!!!!

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Kellie said...

Are you guys home yet? I'm glad to hear he is feeling better. How scary! I had Pneumonia when I was little too and then got it again in college. It's definitely not any fun! I hope Dylan gets fully recovered ASAP!!!


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